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Complement your existing home décor with this fun and inexpensive area rug. Featuring stain-resistant fabrics, long-lasting materials for indoor use only. This design is tastefully made adding a touch of minimalist elegance with today's fashion trends. Boasting a light construction, this rectangular rug will mimic most home décor while maintain a clean look. Made from durable Olefin yarn, this economy rug is made to last.


We here at Merinos strive for our rugs to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, color, and durability. These rugs are as timeless as their designs and offer great durability to for almost every situation imagine. These rugs are 100% polypropylene and pre-treated with protecting agents to allow easier cleanup. They are also flame retardant and feature a tight pinned pile that helps prevent against unraveling/shedding of the materials used. We are so confident in these rugs we had them hanging outside the building for 15 years to prove just how strong they are. After years of them subjected to the Georgia heat they maintained their structure and colors. It is truly and ageless rug that stands the test of time and elements. If our quality comes into question please read more about our care instructions or warranty offered.


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