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Use this page as a useful resource to gain access to our Frequent Questions from Customers, Return Policy, Warranty, Use & Care Manual, & our Measuring Guide. 

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1. All purchases unless stated otherwise are eligible for a return for exchange or store credit. Money Back is not a standard practice unless their is an exception made. Items marked as FINAL SALE are not eligible for returns.

2. Store Credit is good for up to 1 year and can be used towards anything within the showroom. Small differences if elected will be paid out by approval.

3. We reserve the right to fill or cancel orders as we are a major supplier to large customer based stores, so our inventory can go quickly. 

4. Rugs apart of our home delivery process are subject to review for initiation of return or exchange program. Please message us to start this process.

  • Why do you not have prices on the website?
    With our ever competitive pricing reflective to our fulfillment duties we cannot share this information in real time as sales on items change weekly. If you see something you like feel free to message us for the current price.
  • How do I order a rug?
    Ordering any of our rugs is an extremely easy process, please just message us here or via email @ with your requested rug including size and color. We can have the rug pulled in real time to ensure your order will be fulfilled. If you are unable to pick this item(s) up in our showroom we offer the ability to have the item shipped to your door, if this is something you would prefer please include this request for a shipping quote. Once order request is made we will provide an invoice for the purchase, once this is paid your items will begin to be processed.
  • Do you have rug pads?
    Yes, of course! We have a great competitively priced 100% re-cycled Felt Rug pad that is wonderful in keeping your rug from sliding and curling. Checkout our services page for more information.
  • Can I Order a Custom Runner Length with Binding?
    Yes! Send us your request here or via email. Provide us with the Collection, Design, Color, and Length of your cuts. We will provide an Invoice to be Paid and the process of your order will begin upon payment.
  • I ordered/purchased a rug from you, how long do I have to return it?
    If item was purchased via our showroom the item is subject to 14 days return for exchange or store credit. We do not usually offer money back unless the rug has been unopened. When returning your rug please insure to return it in the polybag it was sold in to ensure the rug does not suffer any cosmetic damage. If this item was purchased via our shipping program please reach out to us here or via email @ All Returns are subject to approval, read our return guidelines and rules to learn your best option.
  • Can I check out a rug for a sample?
    We offer a lending program where our members are able to checkout a smaller sizes area rug and take it home to make a definitive choice on colors and design within their home. This is subject to approval and a hold must be made for the smaller sized rug.
  • How long is store credit good for?
    All store credit is valid for 1 year of application. Any other concerns reach out to us here or via email @

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1. All purchases unless stated otherwise are eligible for a return for exchange or store credit. Money Back is not a standard practice unless their is an exception made. Items marked as FINAL SALE are not eligible for returns.

3. All inquiries for returns must be initiated within the 5 day purchase window, failure to do so may result in possibility for returning the item(s).

2. Store Credit is good for up to 1 year and can be used towards anything within the showroom. Small differences if elected will be paid out by approval.

3. Rugs apart of our home delivery process are subject to review for initiation of return or exchange program. Please message us to start this process.

4. Items purchased on special discount/offer cannot be returned for full regular price after the sale ends.

5. Special Order Items purchased through one of our vendors are not subject to the same terms and conditions. Please reach out to us if there is an issue or concern.

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Thank you for choosing our rug! No matter what size or style, the assortment will make a fashionable addition to any home. Rugs are prone to regular wear and tear. We guarantee products from manufacturing defects but must be reported upon receipt so we can work with our QA/QC teams on a solution or replacement. Please contact if there is an issue. We do not accept worn, used, stained or dirty rugs. Please be sure to inspect packaging upon receipt to rule out freight damage by carriers, if you think there is one. Then contact us immediately – same email address as above. We are proud to inform that our products are manufactured free of child labor in Turkey. Our rugs are non-flammable as the yarn used passes CFR Title 16 Parts 1630 & 1631 (previously FF 1-70 & FF 2-70). Test results are furnished upon request. Area Rug Warranties All area rugs are prone to regular wear and tear. We guarantee that our rugs are free of manufacturing defects – if found upon receipt we will replace the item(s). Contact us here or on our website to further this concern.



Thank you for buying our rug! Upon receipt, please inspect the outer plastic polybag to rule out freight damage, please email if you think it was. We do not recommend using a box cutter or scissors to remove plastic bags as you may damage the rug. If you use them, please do so carefully. If you purchased a shag, multi-textured or blended yarn (olefin, polyester and/or acrylic), the yarn may be pressed from product being rolled. It may appear much different than the image you saw online since the pile is pressed and needs to rest in order to open up. Polyester tends to shine and shag pile may be pressed down and look flat. Don’t be alarmed, this is all normal! In some cases it may take up to 1-2 weeks to fully open up. . . to speed up this process you can roll the rug in the opposite direction as well as reverse rolling it with the pile facing in or out – depending on how it arrived to you. You can also hand brush the pile to speed up the opening process and give it a few days to rest to open up on your floor. Following these steps would significantly reduce the time for yarn to rest so you can enjoy your luxurious purchase! The images we have online were done at a photo studio so the appearance of your rug may vary slightly due to your monitor settings as well as lighting environment whether from natural or electrical light source(s) which also vary depending on electric light color/type. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT RUGS HAVE A LIGHT SIDE AND DARK SIDE, IF YOU ROTATE THE RUG THE COLOR TONE MAY ADJUST AS WELL. Rug Care and Maintenance: - Professional Cleaning Recommended - Rug padding is recommended to protect the surface underneath, prevent slippage as well as extend the lifecycle of the rug. - Blot spills and stains immediately, please make sure the rug is not soaked as the jute incorporated in the backing will absorb liquids and expand creating irreversible creases. If using professional cleaners, do make them aware. - Vacuum regularly and if using a beater bar type vacuum, please make sure it’s on a high elevation setting. Avoid using low height levels that are close to the surface of the rug especially with shag or multi textured area rugs as yarn may snag.


When choosing a rug, the difference between a hit and a miss can be a matter of inches. Incorrect rug sizes break up otherwise cohesive décor statements and leave all of your rooms feeling slightly askew. Use the guide below to help make the best decision for your home décor project. Any further questions feel free to contact us!


9' FT x 12' FT

8' FT x 10' FT

5' FT x 8' FT


9' FT x 12' FT

8' FT x 10' FT

5' FT x 8' FT


8' FT x 10' FT

5' FT x 8' FT


Diamond SOlistice.jpg


Choosing the perfect rug can be a matter of inches. Whether it's a large area rug or a small accent one, the right size rug can unify your decor and make your room feel put together. This guide provides styling advice on choosing the rug sizes for rooms. Learn how to place the right size rug for the best effect and function in your home.

When it comes to what size area rug to choose for your living space, take a look at the room first. Always base the size of the rug you choose on the size of the room. When purchasing a room-size rug, select the rug first. Next, select the complementary furniture, drapes and other decor.  

Large rugs can dominate a room. It’s important that the rug coordinates well with the rest of the room to achieve a pleasing and balanced look. Smaller rugs function more as accent pieces. Select them to match existing décor. Tip: Choose the rug based on the room it will be in. For example, use rugs crafted from durable material for high traffic areas such as hallways and dining rooms. 


Living room rugs are often the most prominent home décor accessories. A common rug size for living room spaces is 9' x 12'. However, the size of the rug you select depends on both your furniture arrangement and the size of the room.  

Room-size rugs look best with a floating furniture arrangement. Pull the furnishings away from the wall and let them rest entirely on the rug surface. If you prefer to have the furniture hug the wall, consider using a 6' x 9' or 8' x 10' rug size for living room spaces. (See the accompanying rug size guide.) Arrange the seating where the front legs rest on the rug. Place a coffee table or ottoman in the center.  

10X14 LR.png
8X10 LR.png
5X8 LR.png
Pandora Cassandra


Bedroom rugs do more than upgrade the look of the room. They create a warm environment for the room's interior to give the space a cozy feel. They also provide a comfortable place for your feet when you rise or retire. The right size bedroom rug matches the width and depth of the bed. Which dimensions work best will depend on your preferred placement and the size of the room. A budget-friendly alternative to one large full rug is to use one or two runner rugs alongside the bed. This works especially well in a bedroom where the bed is located against the wall or you have a king- or California king-sized bed. If you’d like to unify the bed and nightstands, an 8' x 10' or 9' x 12' rug is a good choice. (See the accompanying rug size guide.) This size rug should provide full coverage. This means it will align the top edge of the rug with the headboard and place the nightstands on top of the rug. If you want a more open feel, place the nightstands and top one-third of the bed over a bare floor. The rug sizes for rooms in this case can be 8' x 10' rug, or 6' x 9'. Make sure it is oriented perpendicular to the bed. 

10X14 BD.png
8X10 BD.png
5X8 BD.png


Dining room rugs make a nice frame for dining sets. The rug sizes for rooms used primarily for dining and entertaining will be large enough to fit the table and all four legs of each chair. This should be the case even when the chairs are pushed back from the table. This ensures the chair legs won’t scratch the floor surface. Scale the rug to the space. A 9' x 12' rug will easily accommodate most seven-piece dining sets. (See the accompanying rug size guide.) In a small apartment, use a rug that’s proportionate. For example, a bistro set used for dining may work well with a 4' or 6' round rug that mimics the set's silhouette. 

8X10 DR.png
5X8 DR.png
8FT DR.png


In most rooms, the rug frames the furnishings. In hallways and entryways, the rug is the central focus. The most popular layout for these types of spaces is to align any furnishings along one wall and place the rug down the center. There should be a minimum of 6 inches of floor space visible around the rug. 

A hallway or entry rug can be flanked with furniture as well. Be sure the rug you choose is narrow enough to leave clearance at the sides, so no furnishings are resting on the rug.  

Runner rugs are long, narrow rugs. They are ideal for hallways and areas where you want to define traffic flow. Most runner sizes are 8' or 12' long. They are usually 3 feet wide or less. The most common runner dimensions are 6' x 8' and 3' x 12'. 


Stair runner rugs create a stylish look and a safe surface for stairways. They come in many widths, but the most common width for a staircase is 27 inches.  

To calculate the length of your choice of stair runner: 

  • Take the number of staircase steps and multiply by 19 – the total inches of the stair’s vertical riser (8”) and horizontal tread (approximately 10”)

  • Divide the number by 12 to convert it into feet

  • Add 8 inches for each additional riser

A 21’ stair runner roll is sufficient for staircases that average 13 steps. Add more feet for staircases with 90 degree turns.



An average home bathroom can usually accommodate rug dimensions of 17 inches to 21 inches wide and 24 inches to 34 inches long. Measure both the entire room and the open floor space to determine the best rug size and shape.   

Kitchen rugs can add warmth and style. Some kitchen rugs or mats are designed to provide comfort when standing. In small kitchens with a fair amount of traffic, choose a single small area rug to place in front of the sink. In a galley kitchen or laundry room, use a runner down the middle. Choose a size that leaves bare floor on either side of the rug.  

Tip: Rug pads are a safety essential in baths, laundry rooms or kitchens. They hold the rug firmly in place on a tile, vinyl or hardwood kitchen floor. Make sure to use a rug pad that is also resistant to mold and mildew. 


Round rugs provide a functional accent in bedrooms, dining rooms and entryways. They also help delineate an area. They come in 5' & 8' diameters. Checkout our collections to browse all our round rug options., the Ankara, Chester, Jewel, Lara, and Persian Classics Collections all offer round rug options in an array of colors, styles, and designs.

2082 Medallion  Ivory_3.jpg


Rectangle rugs are the most popular shape of standard area rugs. They work well in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways and home offices, and as outdoor rugs for patios and decks. Rectangle rugs can be used as full room rugs or as small accent rugs to define a special area. For example, a 3' x 5' rug can look great in front of a sink or in a reading nook. Here are the most common rectangle rug sizes:

  • 2x4

  • 3x5

  • 4x6

  • 5x8

  • 6x9

  • 8x11

  • 9x12

  • 11x15

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